Rick Bond and Harry Roberts

About Us

The founders of My Favourite Holiday Cottages Rick Bond and Harry Roberts are holiday property owners themselves and also have distinguished careers in marketing and it was this combination that was the catalyst for launching My Favourites, as they realised that the best way to promote a holiday cottage and get maximum bookings was to have a good website and know how to market it on the internet.

My Favourite Holiday Cottages is part of the My Holiday Marketing Group, which specialises in marketing holiday properties via an owner's website. As virtually all initial searches for a holiday cottage start online, it made sense for us to develop a directory site that is designed specifically to drive traffic to an owner's website. So, we only allow owners with websites on the site and have made the navigation to the owner's website as clear and bold as possible.

We know that cottages with websites receive more bookings than those without so that's why we have built our whole business model on this principal.

For example, within 6 months we directed 121 viewers to Devon Beach Court's website, resulting in 6 bookings for 2012. (During this time Owners Direct directed 37 viewers).

My Favourite Holiday Cottages is committed to delivering quality cottages for bookers and quality viewings for owners and we are constantly upgrading the site to ensure it remains on page 1 of Google for the main holiday cottage search phrases.

If you have any questions, comments, feedback, complaints or compliments, please feel free to e-mail them to us by clicking the 'Contact Us' link below:

Contact us or call us on 01271 377432

About the Site

Sometimes you just want to get away, relax and unwind. Sometimes you need a place that is ideal for a more active break. Whether you know exactly what you are looking for, or simply in need of inspiration, our aim is to help you to find a selection of relevant holiday cottages to rent and give you access to their website as quickly as possible.

Use the search criteria. The more you complete, the better we will be able to find you a selection of holiday cottages that fit your requirements.

We share enough information on a cottage for you to decide whether or not it appeals. If it does, we provide a link to the owners website where you will find more pictures, calendars, guest testimonials and of course, their booking enquires link.

Websites Only

We only include holiday cottages with their own websites on My Favourite Holiday Cottages.

Everyone who works at My Holiday Marketing – the people behind this site – has been taking their holidays in rental cottages and villas for years. When booking a property, we share a common habit we book directly through an owner’s website because they:

  • Give you more information about the property and its location than most adverts or agency listings
  • Give confidence: Knowing how easy it is to create a spoof advert, we’re a little wary about booking properties that only seem to have one advert, but a decent website is much more reliable.