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The UK & Ireland have some of the most wonderfully varied countryside and cultures anywhere in the world and a great way of discovering some of these treasures is by staying in a self-catered holiday cottage. The UK is blessed with thousands of stunning cottages, houses, flats and lodges of all shapes and sizes. My Favourite Holiday Cottages has been designed to help people find a holiday cottage that suits their lifestyle as well as their group dynamics, so if you are into surfing or walking, there will be plenty of cottages near a beach or a moor.

If you travel 5 miles in any direction you will discover amazingly different landscapes around every corner but it is not just the geographical diversity that makes the UK so unique, our culture and heritage is the envy of the world and offers a special holiday experience for everyone.

To help you find the property that is right for you, there is a great search structure which enables you to go from, country to county and then zoom in to whatever location you are searching for. From there you can see how many cottages there are in that area and by using the search criteria on the left-hand-side you can quickly find the cottage of your dreams.