Once a tiny fishing port, Dawlish is now a charmingly vibrant little seaside resort on the South Devon Coast with tranquil, warm beaches, delightful self-catering holiday cottages and inviting locations within the town and overlooking the coast. Perhaps best known for its iconic black swans, Dawlish has beautiful coastal scenery with red cliffs and a wonderful promenade lining the beach alongside the iconic railway line. Trains rush past, momentarily stirring the peace and quiet but injecting a second of life into this traditional English seaside resort. In summer, if you are lucky, you'll still see a steam engine hauling a set of vintage carriages steaming along this iconic line. A river, The Dawlish Water runs through the town in park-like surroundings flowing over large steps before reaching the salt water. The seawater and the beaches fronting Dawlish are extremely clean, safe and suitable for small children for small children, with good rock pools at low tide towards the western end of the beach at Dawlish.

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There is some excellent rock pooling to be enjoyed at the western edge of the beach at low tide. In the Summer season, Dawlish comes to life with food and music festivals all throughout August, so time your self-catered holiday cottage adventure to perfection and catch Dawlish in its prime.

Whizz round the go-kart track or try your hand at golf on the eighteen-hole course, or head east to the attractions of nearby Dawlish Warren. A little further to the west lies the resort of Teignmouth with its lovely Victorian Pier and harbour from where motorboats can be hired for an hour or two pootling about on the water. Whatever age you are, Dawlish will have the activities for you. From the serene, long beaches to the fantastic restaurants and bars in town – Dawlish is always top notch and never fails to impress.