Ireland is made up of the six counties of Northern Ireland and 26 counties of Southern Ireland or Eire. The two countries were divided after the 1916 uprising. Whilst Ireland certainly has a "bloody" history of rebellion against the English, there is a far sunnier side to Ireland and the Irish than war. The ability for Irish people to have fun and turn any gathering of more than two people into a party is legendary. Even funerals in Ireland are usually wild occassions and an Irish wake is something to behold.

The scenary in Irland is also very special and it can vary from region to region, with the Wicklow Mountains south of Dublin in the East across to the rugged coastline and wild countryside of County Kerry in the West. For those visiting Ireland, renting an Irish Holiday Cottage is a great way to enjoy the country and see it in your own time.

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After the "Potato Famine" of 1845 over half of the population of Ireland left, the majority emigrating to America, which is still today a stronghold for Irish culture. It's not all people leaving the country as Ireland has propered over the years and has benefited greatly from Euopean subsidies. One of Irelands biggest revenue generators is tourism and people come from all over the world to see the Caeleigh where Irish songs and poetry are performed in public.