Remember, remember the fifth of November,****Gunpowder, treason and plot.****I see no reason, why gunpowder treason****Should ever be committed if one has rented a lovely warm self-catered holiday cottage.

Photo courtesy of Alchemy Fireworks Ltd

Welcome to the My Favourite Holiday Cottages guide to this Bonfire Night! We’ll help you match a warm and toasty holiday cottage with an amazing fireworks display for a sparkling weekend self-catering break in November.

Cambridge Bonfire Night

Let’s light the kindling on this list with the Midsummer Common, Cambridge! This is a free event, although donations are as welcome as your family. With a massive fireworks display, fairground and the massive bonfire, there is plenty to keep you and your kids occupied. Last year attracted over 25,000 people; that’s an assurance of quality!

Ely XT Firework Spooktacular

If you can’t wait until the 5th November, pour some petrol on your schedule, put a rocket in your exhaust and arrive in Cambridgeshire a little earlier (albeit with less eyebrows) to view the Ely fireworks display in Ely Park on Saturday October 31st. This illuminating display will provide a perfect backdrop to Ely Cathedral and has enough fairground features and stalls around to make a thoroughly complete evening. Make sure you book online for this one though!

Where To Stay

Enough smouldering! Let’s cut to some properties. No fireworks night out would be complete without a wonderful warm cottage to return home to and here is a range of our favourites nearby!

![The Coach House](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image002.jpg "The Coach House") The Coach House A classic listed town house offering 3 en suite bedrooms, a garden for sparklers, and parking! So you don’t have to worry about finding your way home in the dark. ![Ivywood Carriage](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image004.jpg "Ivywood Carriage") [Ivywood Carriage](../ivywood-carriage-wisbech.html) This property is one of two Victorian railway carriages in Wisbech St Mary. It has access to a lovely orchard and parking space! **![Hillarth Farmhouse](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image006.jpg "Hillarth Farmhouse")** [Hillarth Farmhouse](../hillarth-farmhouse-cambridgeshire.html) Part of two properties, each sleeping 8 in the quiet countryside, lots of parking, and lots of room for pets.

Perth Bonfire Night

Not feeling like Cambridgeshire? Let’s make like smoke and go up! Up north that is to Scotland. Perth Fireworks display has everything you need. Outdoor catering, a funfair and local talent to start with. Followed with a bonfire and an award winning display by 21cc from 7:30 onwards on the 5th!

If you need more convincing about the display, check out 21cc’s site!

And if you want to go ahead and book… oh wait, you don’t have to! It’s totally free! But do book your cottage in advance.

Where to Stay

![Moulinalmond Cottage](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image008.jpg "Moulinalmond Cottage") [Moulinalmond Cottage](../moulinalmond-cottage.html) Moulinalmond Cottage, (we can’t pronounce it either), is a beautiful 2 bedroomed home sleeping 4. Located just four miles from Perth on a private estate, this is a very romantic setting for your holiday. ![Squirrel Cottage](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image010.jpg "Squirrel Cottage") [Squirrel Cottage](../squirrel-cottage-pitlochry.html) If you want some peace and quiet from the fireworks, maybe with some stunning local wildlife nearby, then Squirrel cottage is for you!

Ottery St Mary's - Tar Barrels

Fireworks schmireworks, am I right? You need something weird! Something out of the ordinary, something… like the Tar Barrels Festival. No, wait, hear me out! In the Devon town of Ottery St. Mary (or ‘Ottery St. Catchpole’ as J R Rowling would have it), a yearly festival takes place that predates Guy Fawkes – one that Harry Potter would have loved. The festival involves men and women as young as 7 years old, setting fire to tar lined wooden barrels, and parading through the town with them. On their heads. No, I’m not joking! In fact, this festival is so odd, that people are actually discouraged from going! That doesn’t mean to say you are not welcome, and the good folk of East Devon are joined by visitors from far afield to witness this very unique tradition, but you are there at your own risk. This really is a bizarre night, and you’ll bring home much more interesting memories than a firework show!

Where to stay

![The Shippen](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image012.jpg "The Shippen") [The Shippen](../the-shippen-honiton-devon.html) A fantastically restored 2-bedroom barn conversion near Honiton in east Devon, easily within driving distance of Ottery St Mary. A lovely and quiet place to relax after all the excitement and fire! ![The Linhay](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image014.jpg "The Linhay") [The Linhay](../the-linhay-honiton-devon.html) A stylish, well equipped 3-bedroom barn conversion. You’ll want to be near water after your fiery adventure, so it’s a good job this rental offers fantastic riverside picnic spots! ![Grandad’s Cottage](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image016.jpg "Grandad’s Cottage") [Grandad’s Cottage](../grandads-cottage-honiton-devon.html) Grandad’s cottage is so named because it appeals to those wanting to be a little way hidden. This well-equipped annexe will be more than comfortable enough for all of your needs.

Family Friendly Fireworks in Bristol

If loud and scary isn’t for you, or you have small children, then the Family Friendly fireworks event is for you! It takes place at Bristol Zoo (so if it’s OK for the residents, it’ll be perfect for your nippers). Taking place on three nights starting on the 5th November, the night will begin with a singalong and fun and games, before special Low-Noise fireworks are set off to music! Oooooooh!

Where to Stay

![Marmaduke House](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image018.jpg "Marmaduke House") [Marmaduke House](../marmaduke-bath.html) An impressive looking Victorian home in Bath. There is private parking for three cars, and Bath’s attractions are only an 8-minute walk away. It won’t take long to get to Bristol Zoo from here, and it sleeps 10! ![Wye Valley Lodge](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image020.jpg "Wye Valley Lodge") Wye Valley Lodge A luxurious beautiful house sleeping up to 16! I would say more, but I think the picture above speaks for itself! Oh, and pets are welcome too, they might even enjoy the quiet fireworks! Although probably not.

Lewis Bonfire Celebrations

Some might say it is the best, and we’ve left it until last because these are definitely the biggest in the UK. The small South coast town of Lewes in Sussex. It’s actually 6 bonfires in different parts of the town connected with processions, costumes and fireworks displays for your sheer delight and delectation. Each ‘bonfire society’ has its own badge which you can buy to help with fundraising for this terrific event. Get to Lewes early as all roads in town are closed off well before the first rocket ascends skywards.

Where to Stay

![Stable Cottage](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image022.jpg "Stable Cottage") [Stable Cottage](../stable-cottage-east-sussex.html) ![Parlour-cottage](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image024.jpg "Parlour-cottage") [Parlour-cottage](../parlour-cottage.html) ![Rose cottage](../images/newsletter/Bonfire_Blog/image026.jpg "Rose cottage") [Rose cottage](../rose-cottage.html)
For the six Bonfires we have chosen three cottages. These all live together in a small working farm in Plumpton Green. They feature stunning views over the South Downs with easy access to London, Lewes and Brighton. You are well within reach of a variety of things to do, yet far enough away from it all to relax after a long evening with the flames.

And, like a fizzling sparkler in a watering can, that’s the end of the list. Our favourite ways to spend this bonfire night? Personally I think I’m a fan of the bang-less family fun at Bristol Zoo. Flaming barrels being tossed around like extreme neck warmers isn’t really my thing, but the sheer scale of the celebrations in Lewes might just see me on a trip to the south coast instead.

Whatever you choose to do this bonfire night, we wish you the safest and most memorable night possible. If you want to have your own fireworks display in the garden of your holiday cottage, remember to ask the owner for permission to do this before you book.

Catch you (hopefully not on fire) later!