The wires have been a-buzzin’ this last month with news of forthcoming developments at HomeAway. Here is a summary of the latest developments:


1. Hotel Advertisements

Homeaway are now advertising hotel accommodation on its site. It looks as if the accommodation offered tends to be hotel suites, i.e. accommodation that is more than just a single room, but all the same – more competition for home owners and further dilution of its brand.

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2. 'Off-Platform' Booking Fee Charges

HA has said it is plans to apply its booking charge to owners who accept a direct booking that is attributable to an enquiry from Homeaway (they call them off-platform-bookings).

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3. Booking Fee Switch

Homeaway to switch its booking fees from guests to owners 

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As unpopular as these developments may appear to Cottage Owners, we are not suggesting that you stop using HA, not by a long chalk. But, you might want to keep a closer eye on your stats and monitor the return you are getting on your investment to see if you are better or worse off at the end of the year.

If you advertise your holiday cottage on Homeway, it should continue to deliver bookings for you - but they may cost a penny or two more to acquire - which is why you may want to start testing other options

Obviously, if you are not already doing so, you may decide to spread your options by advertising on My Favourite Holiday Cottages

However, in the spirit of complete impartiality, other sites similar to My Favourites in terms of levels of activity and no fee or commission charges that we would also be happy to recommend are:

Independent Cottages

Unique Holiday Cottages

Country Cottages Online



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