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Glenuaig Lodge featured in The Daily Telegraph

Glenuaig Lodge, a remote Highland holiday cottage on the Glencarron Estate has been selected by The Daily Telegraph as one of the Top 10 Remotest Holiday Cottages in the UK.

This converted hunting lodge on the Glencarron Estate in Wester Ross can only be reached by 4WD vehicles - unless you fancy lugging a suitcase for 2-3 miles over rough terrain. If you really want to get away from it all at any time of year to find yourself a place where eagles and magnificent stags outnumber humans, then take a look at Glencarron's page on My Favourite Holiday Cottages. There's no need to be totally alone - it sleeps 8 and has all the back up generating power you would ever need, so you'll be snug and cosy inside its metre-thick walls even in the depths of winter.

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