Festival Holidays have become something of a Great British pastime. Festivals are a great way to spend a few memorable days away from home. What’s more, there are plenty of festivals to choose from. There isn’t a single weekend in the year when there isn’t a delightful festival of some kind or another being held in a town or village somewhere in the UK – even in darkest January.


Booking a holiday in order to spend time at a festival is therefore an increasingly popular way of spending time to do something you love, whether it is a seaside folk festival in Sidmouth or a scrumptious food festival in Abergavenny. The challenge is finding affordable and comfortable festival accommodation.

The majority of festivals run for a few days, with some going on for a week or more, making them appealing holiday destinations. Therefore it’s important to choose the right kind of accommodation to help you get the most enjoyment from the Festival programme. Many UK festivals offer camping facilities on site – which is great if you’re happy partying under canvas in your wellies until the early hours and queuing for a lukewarm shower in a grubby plastic cubicle in the morning.

The problem is that, while a festival is in full swing, visitors don’t get much time to explore and enjoy the rest of the town or countryside in which they are staying Once the festival is over you’ve often no choice but to go home. The problem is that festival campsites usually operate for the period of the festival, forcing visitors to return home or find alternative accommodation in order to spend more time in the area. Many festival visitors would welcome the opportunity to stay on for a few days in which to enjoy a more leisurely break after the hustle and bustle of racing from venue to venue.

This is why staying in self-catering accommodation close to the festival is increasingly the go-to choice of seasoned festival-goers. Think about it, stay as long as you like, no crouching over a primus stove burning bacon and beans in mess tins, no stumbling in your pyjamas and wellies to a smelly portaloo when nature calls in the early hours. Even those of us who love camping will accept that a luxurious doublebed beats a sleeping bag on a lumpy groundsheet when it comes to getting a decent night’ s sleep.

So, if you are a festival addict, whether for music, literature, theatre, film or steam workings, and want to enjoy a few more creature comforts than those offered by a muddy campsite in a cold climate, then consider booking a local holiday cottage. The trouble is that it is often hard to find a suitable holiday cottage that you can be sure is within easy reach of the festival and its events.

To help prevent festival fatigue, My Favourite Holiday Cottages has made it easier to locate self-catering accommodation within easy reach of your festival. Go to the Festival Cottages page (please note this page has been temporarily removed while we update the scheme) and you will find a list of Festivals. Click on any of these and you’ll be taken to the Festival’s page on the My Favourite Holiday Cottage’s site. This contains essential information about the festival, together with a list of holiday cottages advertised on MFHC with links to their listings. So, for example, if you’re keen on spending a few days in June at the (may we say, rather wonderful) Beverley Folk Festival in North Yorkshire, scroll down and choose from an attractive variety of 4 and 5-star holiday cottages within easy reach of Beverley and the festival site. Holiday Cottages give you total freedom to enjoy every aspect of a festival’s programme and still get a great night’s sleep. There’s no being bound by having to be back at your hotel for dinner at just the time that most shows are getting started, or hoping the owner of your B&B won’t mind staying up to let you in after midnight. A festival holiday cottage is your own home-from-home with front-row seats on tap!


Want to Advertise a Festival?

If you want to attract more overnight visitors to your festival you can advertise it on My Favourite Holiday Cottages free of charge. It is easy to set up your own page with a link to your Festival’s website. Then, just add a Festival Cottages link to your own site to direct potential visitors to a choice of local holiday cottages and that’s it. We’ll send you a reminder to update it every year, to keep the additional season ticket sales coming in.