Find eight unbelievable purse-protecting time and money saving bargains for independent holiday home owners looking for somewhere to advertise their holiday cottage (or cottages).


If you are planning to advertise one or more holiday cottages on this website, you’ll be pleased to hear that we offer a range of seven discounts. Read on and find the offer that suits you best.


The Basics

Our standard rate for a single holiday cottage for a 12-month subscription is £88.08.


Holiday Cottage Advertising: Time and Money Saving Offers


1.    Advert Creation and Upload Service

This offer saves you time! While the majority of owners create and upload their own adverts, for those of you with very little time to spare, or who would appreciate our expert advice in designing a great advert for a cottage, we can create your advert for you. All you have to do is tell us and then pay when it is ready to be published.


If you want us to create and upload your holiday advert for you, we can do this for £25 per property. NB: This charge is not included in any of the discounts. To take advantage of this offer, call us on 01271 342143 or click here to e-mail us to request our advert upload service.


2.    Banner Photo Promotions

Every town, county and special location has a large banner image at the top of the page. It’s the first thing people see. Would you like to use the banner to promote your holiday cottage?


If you have a good quality eye-catching image that shows how attractive your town, county or location is, one that would really entice people to book a self-catering holiday there, we can display it as a banner image. We will include the name of your holiday cottage with a link to your advert (as can as long as you own the image and grant us permission to use it). Price: £25.00 for 6-months. Click here to request more information about a Banner Advert.



3.    Link to Us From Your Website

Place a link to My Favourite Holiday Cottages on your website and we will discount the price from you. Save 30%, (£26.42) and only pay £61.66.


We will send you the text coding for you or your web developer to copy and paste onto your home page or links page. The link will open up the page on which your advert also features. Don’t worry about it drawing people away from your own website. Our stats show that only about 1 in 450 site visitors will click on a link if it is on your Home Page.


Use this discount code when paying for your subscription: MFHCLINK7. This will discount the price automatically. We will send you the link text for you or your web developer to upload and once it is up, we will activate your advert.


Please note:

1.     The link must be live and working on your website for the duration of your subscription. Removal of the Link will result in the termination of your subscription.

2.     When it is time to renew, if you continue to display the. Link, you will continue to receive a link discount.


4.    Advertise 2 or more properties

Advertise multiple properties, and automatically enjoy a discount on the overall price payable:

2-3 properties: 10%

4-8 properties: 20%

Thereafter you qualify for the 2-4-1 offer (saving you 50%)


If you also want to link to us from your holiday cottage website, we’ll discount the total by extra 10%.


5.    Two Adverts for the Price of One

Advertise ten holiday cottages and pay for five. That’s a 50% saving of over £440.


Advertise twenty-five or more holiday cottages and we’ll increase the discount on the 25th and subsequent cottages to 60%.


If you also want to link to us from your holiday cottage website, we’ll give you an additional discount of 10%.


So, for example, add 10 cottages:

10 x £88.08                             Pay      £880.80

Less 50%:                                Pay      £440.40           Save: £440.40

Less 10% link discount         Pay      £396.36           Save: £484.44


To Take  advantage of the 2-4-1 offer Click here to email us your contact details, or call us on 01271 342143 (9.00m – 8.30pm daily).


6.    Partnership Discounts

Members of the following tourism organisations are entitled to a 25% discount on top of any other discounts to which you are entitled.


Organisation                                                          Discount Code

·      Association of Scottish Self Caterers          ASSC18     

·      Visit Exmoor                                                    VISITEXMOOR

·      Visit Devon                                                      VISDEV81

·      Visit South Devon                                           VISSODEV18

·      Visit Somerset:                                                VISOM18

·      Visit Norfolk                                                    VISNOR18


If you are a member of another local tourism organisation and would like us to offer its members a discount, pleaseE-mail Us with the details of the organisation and we will approach them.


7.    Two Year Subscription 25% Discount

Pay upfront for a two-year subscription and we’ll reduce the price by £44.04.

Pay: £132.12 and save £44.04 (25%).  When you have set up your cottage, click here to email your 2-year discount request or call us on 01271 342143 to make your discounted payment.


If you combine this offer with discounts for advertising multiple properties, we will reduce the cost of the multiple discount by a further 25%.


8.    Referrals

Recommend us to another holiday cottage owner and give them this discount code. If they tell us when advertising their cottage, when you renew your subscription, we will reduce the price by £8 per referral recorded in your name up to a maximum of £88. So, for a single subscription, if eleven new subscribers quote you as a referrer, you’ll have a free advert for another year.


Need Advice?

If you have any queries about any of these discounts or would like us to create and upload an advert for you, then please feel free to e-mail us or call on 01271 342143.


If you need some advice when uploading an advert – either how to do something, or to get ideas for recommended practices when creating an advert - then we will always be happy to place our expertise at your disposal. Email or call us on 01271 342143 anytime from 8.00am – 8.30pm. If we are busy, leave a message and we’ll get straight back to you.