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April 2012 Newsletter

My Favourites is now more social…

Over the last year we've been steadily building a stronger presence on Twitter to provide information to holiday cottage owners, as part of our services for My Holiday Marketing Over the last month we have now successfully expanded this to include a new Facebook page for owners. We’re also pleased to announce that we have established new Twitter and Facebook pages to attract potential bookers to your listings on My Favourite Holiday Cottages, all of which is and will continue to contribute to the steady increase in visitors to the site.

To get the ball rolling we'd love it if you can ‘like’ and follow the pages by clicking on the links below. We'd really appreciate the extra support – and as this will help to drive more traffic to the site, it’ll benefit your listing as well.

(My Favourite Holiday Cottages) Twitter Facebook


Design Modifications

We always like to place as much emphasis as possible on visitors seeing your photographs; they're what creates the emotional attachment that acts as the starting point to get people booking your property. To support this we've changed the layout of our search pages so that all photographs are larger and each result is more clearly laid out so that they can see your main photograph as clearly as possible. An example of our new layout is below...


Guest Posts

We recently published a fantastic article by Paul Johnson, who supplied us with an excellent article on 'The Perfect Time to Visit the Lake District'.

If you have an article about your property and the surrounding area that would appeal to potential bookers then feel free to email it to and we'll publish it on the website. It will provide you with some good publicity as well as some additional links to your site.



You may have seen around our site a number of new boxes with the word 'Meebo' in the corner. This is a new live help function, so if you have a problem whilst you are on the site, just start typing in your question or comment and we'll be able to respond immediately. Try it out!


Top Tips for Welcome Packs..

Rick recently wrote a fantastic blog article based on feedback from other holiday cottage owners about top tips for welcome packs We'd love for you to have a read and see what you think about the article. If you want to suggest an article topic for us to blog about then contact us on and we'll look into it.


Correct and improve Us...

We're always keen to hear about what you think of the site, and any improvements we could make. Over the next month, we're focusing on more ways to optimise the site even to maintain the increase in the number of bookers using the site, as well as making the content on My Favourites more 'social' so even more people on Twitter and Facebook can see your properties. We look forward to hearing from you.

If you know anybody else in these areas which would like to sign up to My Favourite Holiday Cottages then please get in touch...