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Why Advertise Your Holiday Property on The My Favourite Holiday Cottages Website?

Attract more potential guests to your Holiday Cottage website

Promoting your holiday property on My Favourite Holiday Cottages gives you a better chance of ensuring maximum occupancy all year round.

Enjoy a direct relationship with your clients.

All the properties advertised on My Favourite Holiday Cottages drive potential bookers directly to that property’s own website, and that gives you a great advantage. 

  • Your own website will carry the most convincing details about the property, so enquiries from it are likely to be from serious potential bookers who are well-informed about what you can offer.  
  • Your own availability calendar will be up to date, ensuring that potential bookers always know when the property is available, avoiding unexpected disappointments.
  • The enquiry will come direct to you, so you can respond at short notice and have the best chance to turn that enquiry into a booking.

Subscription and support – not commission and charges

You simply pay for an annual subscription and your property will be visible to all for an entire 12-month period.

We don’t add commission or booking fees or withhold the contact details of enquirers and bookers. We link directly to your website so that you are in charge of the customer relationship – and the money.

More than one property? We offer generous subscription discounts, from 10% for two-holiday cottages and rising to 50% for ten or more properties.

You’re always in control. Once your advert appears on My Favourite Holiday Cottages, you can update it whenever you wish - adding new tariffs, recent reviews or changing images 24/7.

Get started now

To add a property, start with the name of your holiday cottage and complete the sections below. (You can add as many properties as you like, but only one per listing.)

Continue to create your advert and when you are satisfied with it, save and pay. You can pay online by PayPal or contact us for further options.

When you’ve paid, we first check your advert - proofing it if necessary or providing feedback on improving its appeal - and then activate it.

Your 12-month subscription begins at the activation point - not when you pay – so you are visible for the entire year.

Too busy to create your adverts? We can create a bespoke advert for you for just £30. Email us to request our Advert Design and Build Service.


Need some help?

If you’re too busy to create your advert, email us to request our Advert Design and Build Service. We will create a bespoke advert for you for just £30.

And if you need assistance with anything else, get in touch. Email us at or call us and we’ll be delighted to help.

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