UK ATTRACTION PASSES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ THE PERFECT GIFT FOR CHRISTMAS! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Travelling can be expensive! But it’s the little charges that really get you. When you turn up to that attraction and pay out on tickets you almost don’t notice it’s happening! But fear not. There are ways of cutting these costs drastically and making that holiday outing, just a little bit less painful.
We all know that friend or family member that can’t seem to get enough of the world! And being so adventurous they don’t care much for your average Christmas gift. Instead, get them something they will really appreciate... Experiences.
[National Trust Membership]( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The National Trust is arguably the most influential force in preserving the UK’s most precious treasures. They are a non-profit charity, but those fees on the door will still set you back quite a bit! Of course, like most things, there’s a way around this. For Christmas this year buy a loved one the gift of Membership for free access to hundreds of sites and hundreds of thousands of acres of stunning national treasures! Prices start at £60 for a year, and go all the way to a life membership for around £1480. Don’t worry though; if you buy a shorter package you can delay its start date for up to 3 months until the weather improves!
![Waddesdon Manor](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image002.jpg "Waddesdon Manor") **Waddesdon Manor in the heart of Buckinghamshire**
With the National Trust stretching so far and wide, we cannot suggest cottages for every location – but Waddesdon Manor seems like a fantastic place to start. Here’s two cottages from Buckinghamshire that you can use as a base of operations!
![Baylins Cottage](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image004.jpg "Baylins Cottage") ![Inglenook Cottage](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image006.jpg "Inglenook Cottage")
[Baylins Cottage](../baylins-cottage.html) [Inglenook Cottage](../inglenook-cottage-lee-common.html)
Ideal for exploring South East England, This peaceful barn conversion sleeps 6 with underfloor heating! A beautiful cottage in a sleepy village. The cottage is in an area of outstanding natural beauty so you can never be bored!
[SCOTTISH HERITAGE PASS]( -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If you’re looking for something a little more specific, or maybe more single holiday focused, then the Scottish Heritage Pass will be a fantastic present! The pass will be valid from April to October and grants access to fantastic attractions all around Scotland, helping you save over 25% if you visit as little as 5 attractions. The £49 adult pass will be available for 7 days, so there’s plenty to see!
![Edinburgh Castle](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image008.jpg "Edinburgh Castle") **Edinburgh Castle**
If you want to make the most of those 7 days, you’re going to want a wonderful Scottish cottage to stay in; here’s a few of our favourites!
![Mulroy House](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image010.jpg "Mulroy House") ![Williamscraig Holiday Cottages](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image012.jpg "Williamscraig Holiday Cottages")
[Mulroy House](../mulroy-house-aviemore.html) [Williamscraig Holiday Cottages](../williams-craig-cottages-lothian.html)
A large, 4 bedroomed house sleeping 8. It lives on the outskirts of Aviemore and features a games room for the kids! Situated in Linlithgow, these two cottages sleeping 8 will be more than enough for an extended family trip!
[HISTORIC SCOTLAND PASS]( ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The Historic Scotland Explorer Pass is going to provide free entry to 78 properties, as well as daytime events and money off audio guides at Edinburgh Castle. Perhaps the most appealing thing about this pass however, is the way you can skip the queues and get right on with your Historic adventure! You can get an adult pass for £24 or £32 depending on if you want the 3 day or 7-day deal. But don’t think you have to see all of Scotland in 7 days! You can spread those 7 across two weeks. That leaves plenty of time to experience Scotland at your own pace
![Melrose Abbey](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image014.jpg "Melrose Abbey") **Melrose Abbey**
[The York Pass]( ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
If the previous passes and memberships seem a bit daunting, or if the receiver is more of a city explorer, then the York Pass should be right up their street! Being quite a small, confined city, you should have no trouble getting your money’s worth from this 1 to 3-day ticket. Prices start at £19 a day if you get a 3 day pass.
![Castle Howard](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image016.jpg "Castle Howard") The absolutely magnificent Castle Howard is one of the attractions included!
We can’t offer you a cottage this big unfortunately. But we can offer you the following favourite cottages nearby!
![Carr Mount Estate](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image017.jpg "Carr Mount Estate") ![Baille Hill House](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image018.jpg "Baille Hill House") ![Old Mill Cottage](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image019.jpg "Old Mill Cottage")
[Carr Mount Estate](../no-11-whitby.html) [Baille Hill House](../baille-hill-house.html) [Old Mill Cottage](../old-mill-cottage-whitby.html)
Set in the harbour town of Whitby, Carr Mount Estate can sleep up to 9 with ease. This large Georgian Style holiday cottage is in the York City Centre location. Whitby Old mill sleeps 2 for that cosy small village welcoming feeling!
[Theatre Passport]( ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Maybe all this standing and walking is too much – perhaps they are more of a night life kind of person and would much rather watch a play! Well, this is the pass for them. This Passport entitles you to the best available seats in a selection of musicals and plays in London.
![The West End](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image021.jpg "The West End") The West End in London
The last thing anyone wants to do after watching a fantastic play is take a 5 -hour drive home! Get yourself a Holiday Cottage nearby and turn a night out into a holiday. Here are some options!
![Manor Farmhouse](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image023.jpg "Manor Farmhouse") ![The Thatched Barn](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image025.jpg "The Thatched Barn") ![The Oast House](../images/newsletter/attraction_passes/image027.jpg "The Oast House")
[Manor Farmhouse](../manor-farmhouse-sittingbourne.html) The Thatched Barn The Oast House
We feature this cottage a lot for good reason! Sleeping 18, you need to be here. A stunning 5 star conversion in arguably Kent’s most beautiful village, Smarden. If you’re looking for character, this is another 5-star beauty that sleeps 6.
Thanks for reading our guide to exploring the UK, I hope you got some great ideas for Christmas presents, or are even considering treating yourself to some time away! If you do get away next year, make sure you check back on our site for some fantastic Holiday Cottage offers to set your mind at ease.