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August 2012 Newsletter

Late Availability

If you have any late availability listings on the site which have since been filled, please remember to log in and delete them, (if they haven't already expired). We've been experiencing an incredible rush in last minute summer holiday enquiries, but occasionally are finding that properties which look available have since been booked. Update your Late Availability Listings here, or if you have any vacancies for September feel free login to add them.

Making your Holiday Cottage more Social

As social media continues to have a growing presence in all forms of marketing we've put together a few articles on how to improve your online visibility via social media channels. Improved visibility means more visitors to your website which ultimately translates to more guests.

Our first article is all about optimising your Facebook Page. By this, we mean increasing the number of visits to your page and the resulting increase in the number of visitors clicking through to your website. Thousands of owners have Facebook Pages but many could make their pages perform better with a number of quick fixes. All of these fixes should help to generate more 'likes' which will hopefully translate into additional enquiries and bookings. 

One of our Favourite Tips is to add a link in the main description on your Facebook Page. It may sound simple, but switching the 'category' your Facebook page is registered under allows you to add an incredibly prominent link that your fans can use to click through to your website.

You Cottage and Social Media

Article Number 2 is all about making your property more 'social'. With all the effort owners put into marketing their properties on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, your efforts should always be supporting your overall marketing plans. From adding 'social share' buttons to including a Twitter feed, the article carries a host of good suggestions for marketing your property more effectively.

Producing Directions with Google Maps:

Our third article is about how to generate a set of directions for your guests with Google Maps. It's quick, easy and best of all can be customised to the directions you want - not what Google suggests which sometimes directs guests to a spot hundreds of metres from your property. So many guests rely on postcodes and their satnavs to find properties which can often leave them lost and confused – which is not the state of mind you really want your guests to be in when they eventually arrive. So to see how to make your set of directions,

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As ever we're always keen to hear from owners regarding how My Favourite Holiday Cottages could be improved, or fresh ideas for blog posts. You can always contact us directly either by tweeting us @mfhcottages or alternatively we still use the ever-popular methods of email: or phone us on 01598 710631 for a chat.

With best wishes for the end of the summer season,

Rick Bond, My Favourite Holiday Cottages