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August 2013 Newsletter

Introducing My Favourite Reviews!

Here's the first news of a very important new feature for My Favourite Holiday Cottages.

Guests - or those who've just fallen for your cottage by looking at it - can now post a review saying exactly what it is about your cottage and/or their stay in it that they really like about it.

Reviews will appear on your listing page.

We've been doing a lot of research into reviews and it's quite clear that they help to attract more bookings. Equally, they can be open to abuse, as we're sure you know. So, we've created a review format that allows people to focus on the positive aspects of your holiday cottage.

A reviewer simply writes about their 'Favourite' things about it. What's more they can also add an eye-catching photo, adding greater authenticity.

When a review is submitted, we'll moderate it first. If it's abusive, or runs contrary to the principles of My Favourite Reviews we won't permit it to be published. Assuming we do publish it, we'll send you an e-mail to let you know of its existence. Check it, and if you don't think it is appropriate, then Login to your Member's Area. Select the 'Manage Reviews' button and this will give you the option to remove it.

We are following the principle of the Julie Andrews song 'These Are A Few of My Favourite Things' and focusing on the positives - all the positives and nothing but the positives.

We'll be developing this function during the autumn, so if you think of ways to further improve its appeal, then do let us know.

In the meantime, feel free to invite past guests etc to post a review of your property and include the link to your page. By the way, if you submit a review from your own address we'll see that and it won't get published!


Why Sweeping a Chimney Might Save A Life

Wood burners, open fires and Aga ovens all conjure up warm and cosy feelings about a holiday cottage out of season. They are part of a cottage’s quintessential character. They can also be death traps...


Bookings: How to Lose 15% Without Even Trying!

Read this latest blog from the holiday property booking software firm SuperControl. It considers the best time to send an e-mail based on an analysis of when people book. It’s well worth a read. Its main recommendation incidentally, is that the best time to engage your audience is between 7-9pm on Thursdays and Saturdays.

Do Negative Reviews Spell Disaster?

What happens if someone posts negative reviews of your property on a holiday directory site? Will it frighten away guests or is it possible to survive the condemnation? Here’s how to encourage and promote positive reviews and drown out the negative.

Template For A Guest Feedback Form

We all want constructive Guest Feedback, but there’s nothing worse than having your lovely Visitor Testimonials book despoiled by ‘constructive criticism’. Here's one way to mitigate this...

How To Welcome Your Guests: Tips on Creating 1st Impressions

Knowing how to welcome your guests will deliver many benefits from reduced complaints to increased repeat bookings.

Savvy owners like to create a genuine sense of welcome for guests. It’s important: First impressions count. Being made to feel not just an expected guest, but also a very special guest, is a great way to ensure your visitors start their holiday in your property on the right footing – the moment they arrive. Thereafter, if anything doesn’t quite go according to plan, they’ll be far more likely to forgive you for it because you’ll have already convinced them you have their interests at heart...

And Finally...

Well, I hope that's given you enough nuggets of helpful insight and advice to keep you happy over the next few weeks. It's all part of our goal to enable My Favourite Holiday Cottages subscribers secure more bookings.

Don't forget, if you have any suggestions on My Favourite Reviews or other ideas on improving the site - do let us know. If we use it, your reward will be a Featured Favourite upgrade to generate extra interest in your listing.

Finally, may we offer our thanks to all of you who have been adding comments to blog posts, and tweeting or retweeting us on Twitter. You're helping to generate more and more visitors to the site. Keep it up! And it you're not yet following us on @mfhcottages, then it's probably about time you did!

Have a good month and may all your calendars be full.