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Yarrow: A Luxury Cottage in The Cotswolds A Cotswold Cottage Lounge in Chipping Norton

Images: Display full-size images on your advert

Do you want those beautiful images of your holiday cottage to appear this big?

The Lounge at Yarrow Cottage - Old-sized images

Or this big?

A much more eye-catching view of the lounge Yarrow Cottage in the Cotswolds

Guess which images attract the most interest?  

When it comes to drop dead gorgeous images – size matters.

So, how you do ensure your images appear in are large rather than small?

Upload images no smaller than 1920 x 1080 pixels (or 1020 x 1908 for portraits).

If you don’t know how to ensure your images are the correct size, you have two choices:

1. Email a full set of the largest size you have by 'DropBox' or 'WeTransfer' (both are free file-sharing apps) to My Favourite Holiday Cottages and for £10 we will re-size and upload them for you.

2. Resize and upload them yourself: E-mail me for a set of easy to follow image-sizing instructions.

We will also include some handy tips on what images tend to generate the greatest response from potential bookers, and the best order in which to display them.


Could we re-size and upload photos for you?

Yes we can! There' a small charge of £10 to cover the admin time, but it's money well spent, especially as you'll be able to use them on other adverts with similar size requirements too. 

This service includes: 

  • Feedback on your holiday cottage and location photos
  • Suggested photo opportunities that might be 'missing', e.g that games room or hot tub (if you have one)
  • Arranging images in an order that we have noticed appeals to a booker's button clicking finger.
Click here to request our photo upload service

Please note that all sets of images uploaded before October 2017 will still be displayed in the original 'small' size. Don't be left behind - upload larger size versions yourself or ask us to do the job for you.