Our Availability Calendar...

has already been adopted by many owners on the site, but did you know that you can embed the calendar on your own website if you don’t already have an availability calendar? You can find the Availability Calendar Code needed to make it work under the ‘Availability Calendar’ section of the Owners Login Section. Simply pass this onto your website developer and the calendar can appear on your own website.

Youtube Videos of your property…

can now be added onto your listing. Simply add your Youtube Video reference on the ‘edit’ section of each property you have listed for it to display. It’s a brilliant way for people to have a thoroughly good look around your cottage.

Two more festivals...

have signed up to our Festival Cottages section. Priddy Folk Festival in Wells, Somerset has signed up allowing local properties to potentially enjoy more bookings from those looking for a weekend of relaxing folk music. Wychwood Festival is also coming to Cheltenham Racecourse this June so should also provide some extra bookings for those people in the Gloucestershire area. As well as featuring on our site, each festival website has a direct link to their festival page allowing even more people looking for more accommodation to see your property. If you know of any festivals who would like to be involved in promoting local holiday cottages then get in touch with us here.


Want to increase click through's to your website?

We've noticed that quite a few people haven’t added a link to their availability page. As the ‘check availability’ button is one of the three key buttons on each listing it’s really important that this link works. Our analytics show that many visitors tend to look at availability of a property before anything else, as this obviously affects a potential booking. If you don’t have an availability page you can always link the button through to your contact section. Any extra links you can gain from our website are great for search engine optimisation too, so if don’t have a link add one as soon as you can.

Top Tip of the Month

Our top tip of the month is all about lighting. With people often travelling great distances to reach your property, they can often end up arriving late at night. By leaving your outside lights on, alongside a couple of table lamps, it’s a simple yet incredibly effective way of guiding your guests to your cottage. By saving your guests from fumbling around in the dark looking for the front door, you can ensure that their holiday gets off to the best possible start and can reduce complaints throughout the rest of their stay.

Ongoing Publicity

Looking ahead towards April, The Fodder Store in Worcester will be appearing in Essentials Magazine as part of their ongoing campaign throughout 2012.

If you have an event near you that your cottage could feature alongside it then let us know and we can pass your details on.

Website Surveys:

We now have a new service offering comprehensive website reviews. For £10 we can compile a report which outlines everything you can do to improve your holiday cottage website and it search engine rankings to ensure that you can receive the most amount of traffic to your site. Email us for more details if you’d like to request a report.



we recently read an excellent article for tips from Schofields Insurance that is a must read for holiday cottage owners looking to provide their guests with the best possible experience.

As always, if you have any suggestions or recommendations please feel free to get in touch. Either email us at info@mfhc.co.uk or phone us on 01598 710631

We hope you all experience a profitable January and February,