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A luxury beach apartment lounge with ocean and garden views through the French windows Apartment 1: The Chalet in Saunton, North Devon

Holiday Cottages in the Future

This video from Rentals United talks about the future for holiday cottages. Well, if you read the case study  from Alan Egan on Vacation Rental Domination, you'll realise that the future is already here. The good news is that it doesn't involve buying a raft of technology or expensive furniture. In fact, for the immediate future you'll just need to be good at story-telling.

Watch the video or read the transcript to find out how you can subtly adjust the way you present your holiday cottage to make it the holiday of choice for all those visiting your website while seeking their favourite holiday cottage to book.

According to Vanessa de Souza, it's largely about creating and conveying experiences that a holiday in your property will deliver. It goes back to that marketing adage "sell the sizzle not the sausage" which just proves that the future doesn't always need to be new - just reinvented to fulfil contemporary human desire.

However, the article goes beyond what you can do to your cottage to help it sell. It also considers where and how you will be marketing it in the future - although a chunk of this bit is essentially the advert part of the video, but it is interesting none-the-less and does explain what the term 'channel management' means.

That is followed by a serious look into what might be coming down the line a few more years ahead. Ideas such as 'Haptic Technology' (feel that crisp bed linen on the screen and smell the roses) or face reading software that interprets your emotional needs to find cottages that will be good for your sprit, followed by Keyless doors and programmable dreaming beds. Well, you'd buy one of those for home wouldn't you? So just take a chip containing your favourite dreams and insert it in your bed. It'll be like taking your music library on holiday.

OK, this is drifting into what many would presume to be the territory of fantasists, but who knows? Once such an idea is out there, reality is sure to follow!

Watch the video or read the transcript here: The Vacation Rental of the Future.