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Keep warm and cosy at Biddle Cottage in Somerset's Quantock Hills

How To Promote Your Holiday Cottage in The Quiet Season

Securing bookings during the peak summer season and other school holiday periods crucial as this represents the bulk of your income. However, if you're in a good location, have a well-maintained website and advertise your holiday cottage properly, this should enable you to fill these weeks.

Autumn Walks, Tallywyn

This leaves a considerable portion of rental income achievable through letting during the shoulder and low seasons when people plan holidays for reasons often very different to the demand for peak season bookings. For example:

  • Weekend and midweek breaks
  • Couples and families with pre-school children able to holiday during term time
  • People attending nearby events and festivals
  • Anniversaries, celebrations and reunions
  • Hobby holidays: from walking and riding to birdwatching to steam railway visiting.

Adjusting your marketing to target out of season bookings will deliver a handy boost to your rental income, and help to keep your property warm and dry when in use during the winter months.

Here's a helpful article from Rentalpreneurs full of  handy list of tips for securing out of season bookings for your holiday cottage.. 

Don't leave it all to chance and a last minute discount offer - there are other ways to consider. 


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