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Reviews speak highly of the care and attention given to guests Ford Hill Cottage, North Devon

Ways to Ensure Your Holiday Cottage Guests Feel Welcome


A Candle-lit welcome in this converted chapel.  Photo: Ed Peers


First impressions count!

Making guests feel expected, welcome and cared for right from the moment they set eyes on your holiday cottage has many benefits:

* Fewer, if any , complaints (any minor transgressions will be overlooked)

* More repeat bookings

* More 5-star reviews and 'word of mouth' publicity.

A creative floral welcome makes a huge impact on arriving guests

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Subliminal things like ensuring the temperature inside the front door is a few noticeable degrees warmer than on the outside, or the way the house 'smells' as you cross the threshold, are all important. Leaving lights on for 'after dark' arrivals or a handwritten note on a tasteful card all play their part

You know you've not got that welcome quite right if you find guests sending you a list or minor 'niggling' complaints - a cobweb in one room, a light-bulb not working in another or a squeaky mattress. Many of these transgressions will be forgiven or overlooked if guests feel that you really have worked hard to make them feel at home. Light bulbs will always blow and spiders will always weave a web or two in the cleanest of cottages, so here are some interesting ways to mitigate their impact.


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