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What Amenities Should Your Holiday Cottage Offer Guests?

An Amenities Checklist for Seriously Guest-Friendly Holiday Cottages

Is your holiday cottage up to date and guest-friendly?

Keeping amenities in holiday cottages in line with modern trends and expectations can be a challenge.

Sometimes it helps to step back and get an external perspective. Breezeway has published an interesting list of amenities. They've broken the lists into two categories 'The Hobbyist' and The Professional.'

The report makes for an easy and thought-provoking read if you keep mind that no holiday home could expect to provide everything in the Professional list and expect to remain solvent.

Mowhay Barn in Padstow, North Cornwall

It contains lots of very sensible suggestions though, and not all of them expensive. We recommend you give it more than a passing glance!

The only one we would take issue with is listing 'a deck of cards' in the hobbyist section. In our experience, this means a used deck of cards. These frequently contain less than a full deck. However, a brand new pack of cards which guests can take home with them changes everything. You can buy packs of cards in bulk for about 75p per pack. Put one, fully wrapped in a welcome pack. Our guests regularly report that some of their best evenings on holiday were spent playing cards with all the family. Who cares if it was raining?

A pack of cards is also one of the features on our blog Welcome Cottages: How to Create One which contains a list of tried and tested tips to make your guests feel truly welcome as soon as they arrive.

Click here to view the full Breezeway article

If you would like to receive a copy of the Breezeway Vacation Rental Amenities Guide: click here.

Alternatively, e-mail us at and we'll send you a copy.

Feel free to share your thoughts and any additions to the list in the comments.section!