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Interior design at Valley View @ Thatch Close in Herefordshire

Creating a Standout Holiday Cottage

As the winter approaches, you may be considering what improvements you want to make to your holiday cottage. If you are planning on doing some serious decorating or replacing hard or soft furnishings here five simple and very handy design principles to follow courtesy of The New York Times contributing to the debate how to furnish a holiday cottage to achieve two aims:

1: To make it look attractive.

2: To do No. 1 in ways that will prove hard wearing and continue to present a great home-from-home appearance despite repeated heavy use by guests.

This handy article suggests five, well-worth-remembering, design principles to inform your choice of furnishings and overall interior design to ensure your holiday cottage will continue to look attractive for longer.

NB: It may not be a design principle, but after carefully designing the interior of a holiday cottage of which you can be rightly proud and are sure will appeal to guests, don't forget to invest in a professional photoshoot in order to fully reap the booking benefits your deserve.


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