Finger crossed it will never happen but, given that accidents in the home account for well over half of admissions to A&E, sooner or later someone is going injure themselves in your holiday cottage.

This raises three issues: 

  1. First and foremost, what part can you play in caring for your guest and minimising their worries by stepping in to look after them? A little TLC can work wonders.
  2. Mitigation: What can you do to make your home safer - or make guests aware of any possible risks? That kids trampoline in the garden for instance or the 'character' staircase perhaps...
  3. Addressing the whole liability issue: handy dos and don'ts: You should be insured, but is there anything you are doing - or not doing - that would invalidate your policy in the event of a claim? Read the small print!

Don't hope it will never happen. Read this article, take appropriate action and if it does, at least you'll be prepared and the problem will be much reduced!

If you've had any experiences yourself, or would like to offer further advice, feel free to add your comments.

On that basis - here is one of my own... If guests arrive while the cleaners are still preparing the house, while it may be kind to let them in, Don't! 

Keep in mind that if they trip over the hoover cable, or a child decides to spray its sibling with a bleach-based cleaner, you are not only likely to be culpable, but you are giving your insurance company a possible get-out clause to enact. Instead, suggest a nice walk, good pub or cafe where they can wait while you finish preparing the cottage for them.