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Don't neglect the maintenance of trampolines in your holiday cottage

Holiday Cottage Injury Actions

You've written (and acted upon) your annual health and safety check, kept the property in a good state of repair and left notices or instructions where required, but sooner or later, a guest will incur an injury while staying in your cottage. Be prepared and know what to do when it does.

It may not be your fault, or in more cases than is comfortable, you may not think it is your fault until the legal team from the other side seek to prove otherwise. So, here are some actions to take to show that you are not only a good owner, but also to mitigate any further negative outcomes that may arise from the injury. 

Read this handy list of expert tips from Holiday home insurance brokers, Schofields, to ensure you are properly prepared for, and know what to in the event of a guest injuring themselves in your cottage.