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Creating a Business Card Design for your Holiday Home Business card designs for Holiday Cottages

What should you put on your Holiday Cottage Business Card?

If you haven't got a business card or need to replenish your stock, this is a 5-minute read with some helpful guidelines to share with your designer - or to use yourself. 

Deciding what to say on your business card for your holiday cottage - and designing its appearance is probably something that didn't take a lot of thought - just slap on the necessary contact details in a readable way, hand them around and bish-bash-bosh in rolls the dosh.

Oh, if only.

Actually like the best things in life simplicity is important but never that simple. This blog from Lodgify outlines the information your card should contain while pointing out the role that 'white space' plays in ensuring people can and will feel encouraged to put your card to good use, i.e. to start a future conversation with you about your property. Read it: WHAT TO INCLUDE ON YOUR VACATION RENTAL BUSINESS CARD.

Remember, business cards aren't a bit of 'vanity ware' - they are an useful tool in your quest for bookings and effective management of your holiday home Even the choice of colours should play a part - as these help to stimulate the correct emotional response from potential guests (or suppliers).

If you have any direct experience of good and bad practice with business cards - especially for holiday rentals, then do add your comments below.

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