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Cottage of the Month: Holme Wold Cottage in East Yorkshire

The Holiday Homefront: June 2021

How to Advertise Your Holiday Home or Airbnb for Free

A handy checklist from those reliable folks at Schofields Insurance of free and easy ways to market your holiday cottage.


What to Tweet: Content Tips For Experienced Media Managers

For those of you keen to do better on Twitter, – or at least see a tangible return for your efforts this is an insight into Twitter opportunities many of us have yet to exploit. It covers everything from using Twitter Threads to creating a context for your 'brand' - all without having to pay for advertising.


What Marketers Say Is the Key to Good Customer Experience

Everybody knows that ‘good customer experience’ is a sure way to get new bookings and repeat bookings. But do we all really know how what it takes to make people feel you’re offering an experience good enough for them to rent your property? You will if you read this!

This report digs deep into the components that, put together, create a positive experience in the minds of bookers. Have pen and paper in hand to make notes! NB: One of the critical factors is accuracy. Given that everyone knows a property’s own website is likely to be more accurate and therefore to be trusted than info in an advert, sites that provide a link to your property from your advert is a major plus point for potential bookers. Which is exactly what you get on MFHC.


A Business Guide to Pinterest

If you’ve not used Pinterest, dismissing it as yet another social media platform, then you might want to think again. If you've got some great property and locations photos, it can be every bit as good as Instagram.

This easy-read infographic from Vizion Online sets out how to set up and promote your holiday cottage business on Pinterest. We’re happy to endorse it especially as our Pinterest account, full of cottages and locations, attracts around 5000 visitors a month.


Airbnb’s May 24, 2021, Special announcement: 103 new features

If you advertise your property on Air BnB you'll need to read this article from Rental ScaleUp. if outlines the changes Airbnb have just introduced - what they mean and how they work. You probably won't be making 103 changed to your advert- but there will be something in there that you can exploit for the greater good as far as your advert is concerned.


Late Availability

For those cottage owners advertising on MFHC, if you should find yourselves with last-minute cancellations and gaps in your calendar, please advertise these dates on our Late Availability page. There's no charge for this. It's easy to add your dates and it gets well-visited. We are getting about a dozen or so calls every day at the moment for people. desperate to find somewhere to book, so we use this page too when trying to help. If you're not sure how to use the Late Availablity page. a simple telephone call or email to Rick will see you alright!


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