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July 2013 Newsletter

New: Search for Cottages by Town

Starting this month, we're adding a page for every town where there is a cottage listed on My Favourite Holiday Cottages. Researching and writing a few hundred words describing around 700 towns in the UK has ensured the lights in office have been burning long into the night.

You can find the Town Search page on the main menu bar, the sidebar and advanced search pages. We've also upgraded the drop down search bars to show how many cottages are in that town/county/location to aid bookers in homing in on their desired cottage.

As well as helping bookers find cottages more easily, new pages mean new traffic allowing us to send more bookers to your website.

We're still uploading town pages, so if the town where your cottage is located doesn't yet appear, don't fret - it's still being written and will appear as soon as its done.


Bigger, Brighter and Better!

We've enhanced the appeal of the site to users. When not writing town copy we've been using analytics to see how people use the site - which buttons they hit, pages they visit and, in particular, where they tend to depart the site.

Naturally we want more visitors spending less time searching and more time viewing listings, hopefully leaving the site in order to visit your cottage's website with a view to booking it.

So, by careful enhancement of colours to attract the eye, larger font to make the pages easier upon the eye and other little tweaks we have improved the user experience for your benefit.

We've also upgraded all the listing pages with an improved design. While the main purpose of the site is always to drive bookers to your website, there are always some bookers who like to send enquiries instead - So we've revised the enquiry form to make it simpler to use.


Late Availability Enhancements

The hot weather has led to an increase in bookers using the Late Availability function. With this in mind we have added a Late Availability button to the top menu bar in addition to the box on the Home Page.

Don't forget that this function is free for you to use and only takes 2-3 minutes to list a property once you've logged in.


More Speed Improvements

Woosh! We've continued to slash the time it takes for pages to open. Speed appeals! Search engines enhance sites with healthy speeds and visitors want what they're looking for to load instantly. Either way, you'll get the benefit of more bookers visiting more cottages.

We've also been working on speeding up our ability to make improvements. We reorganised some things on the backend allowing faster improvements in the future.


Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Holiday Cottage Website

In the first of our two blogs for July we published four top tips to help you increase traffic to your own holiday cottage website. The suggestions are free or very cheap to apply, as well as being simple to do.

Visit the My Holiday Marketing blog to read: Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Holiday Cottage Website.

Let's assume you liked the first blog on this theme. If so, here's three more cheap and easy ways to increase traffic to your holiday cottage website.

Read the follow-up: More Ways for your Holiday Cottage Website to Get More Traffic.


Owner Login has Moved

We've moved the Owner Login link. It has journeyed from the main menu bar to the top right corner of the page. It sits alongside buttons for people wanting to list a property for the first time or to find out about our other services for owners.

The main menu bar is now focused on items that appeal to those seeking a holiday cottage to book, getting those bookers to your listings quicker.


Six Secret Beaches

Every month we are publishing a themed article to our news section. These themed articles promote cottages with unique features, interesting areas to visit or special activities throughout the UK. The first of these is Six Secret Beaches in Devon and Cornwall.

If you'd like to suggest a theme (especially if your cottage would play a suitable part), then email us.

Themes currently being planned include 'Cottages with a Real Welcome' - including photos of welcome packs and other things you do to make people feel welcome the moment they arrive. Lets us know if you have anything to contribute!