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June 2013 Newsletter

Renewals Made Easier - With Greater Discounts!

First things first: We haven’t put our prices up!

Better still, we are giving a choice of 3 ways to pay when you next renew your annual subscription. Two of them will save you even more money.

Login to your members area and select the ‘Renew’ or ‘Buy New’ subscription button.

Select the 'Subscribe and Save' button and choose your preferred options:

1: Pay £12 on a quarterly basis

2: Pay £22.80 every 6 months (5% discount)

3: Pay £43.20 annually (10% discount)

NB: All figures are net of VAT.

Once you’ve set up your payment, all subsequent payments will be automated. You won’t be deluged with renewal reminding e-mails from us and have to spend time wading through PayPal each time a payment is due. We’ll send a single e-mail to let you know we are about to take the money via PayPal and only if you decide to cancel, will you need to do anything.

Alternatively, you can renew for 24 or 36 months and get a 5 or 10% discount. As well as the discount, you’ll enjoy further savings if the annual subscription rate increases thereafter, as you won’t have to pay it!

If you own more than one property we’ve improved the discounts you’ll enjoy. Just select the number of properties you wish to advertise and you’ll not only see how much they’ll cost, but how much you save.

You can combine multiple cottage discounts with the Subscribe and Save or One Time purchase discounts. So, for example, if you have 6 cottages for which you’d like to purchase a 36 month subscription, this would give you a 30% bulk buy discount PLUS a 10% Long Subscription discount of £60.48 reducing your payment from £864 to £544, a saving of £320. That works out at £2.52 per cottage per month.


Adding Multiple Listings Made Easier

Here’s an update that has been suggested by quite a few subscribers in the past, so we’re delighted to be able to introduce it. A free Featured Favourites listing to all those who wrote to suggest it!

Here’s how it works. If you already have a cottage advertised and wish to add another, we’ll only charge you an amount based on the number of months remaining before your existing cottage is due for renewal. This way you won’t have to keep remembering different renewal dates. So, for example, if you registered one property that expires in December and then registered a second in September, you'll only be charged for 4 months, allowing you to renew both at the same time in December.

Maximum Number of Cottages Increase

You can now upload a maximum of 30 cottages. We’ve upped this limit as My Favourite Holiday Cottages is intended to be a site for use by individual owners or small, individually owned businesses. The limit exists because we don’t want your cottage listing to be overwhelmed by those advertised by the large agencies.


Twitter: What To Do If Your Account Has Been Hacked

Has your Twitter Account ever been hacked? If so, then here's some useful advice on actions to take to mitigate the damage and prevent it from reoccurring.

It'll also be of value to all those who operate password protected accounts.

Read it here

Page Loading Speed Improvements

One of the great strengths of My Favourite Holiday Cottages in terms of its appeal to bookers is the emphasis we place on using plenty of good quality images. As a subscriber, you can list up to 18 images in addition to your main one.

The drawback until now has been the fact that, with so many images, pages take time to download. This is why so many sites put much smaller limits on the number of images allowed. Slow download speeds tend to be down-rated by Google and also limits the number of pages that sites viewers will visit.

So, we've just completed some rather nifty work on the site, radically improving the speed at which pages now load. The results have been heart-warming. The average number of pages viewed by site visitors has already increased by about 20%.

Photos - Call For Images

We do a lot of press and media work promoting My Favourite Holiday Cottages to attract more potential bookers to the site. Where possible we like to use appealing images of cottages and/or their locations, incorporating a link back to a property's listing on the site.

If you have some great eye catching images that nicely portray your cottage (or a location) in a particular season, then send one to us and we'll see if we can use it (with a link to your advert).

We'll use them where ever appropriate. We'll always include a credit with an embedded link back to the MFHC site.

Over To You!

Do visit the blog articles and add an appropriate comment. It's great to get feedback. and you'll also get a link back to your site. If you haven't yet found your way to the blog, you really should. It's full of articles giving all sorts of invaluable advice to holiday property owners. The address is

Have a great month!