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Welcome back to Ford Hill Cottage! Ford Hill Cottage attracts plenty of repeat bookings.

How To Attract More Repeat Bookings for Your Holiday Cottages

It's a relatively well-known fact that it is a lot cheaper to get guests to book a return visit than it is to find first-time visitors. Naturally, having an attractive holiday cottage in a desirable location helps. However, the popular mantra "It You Build It People Will Come" is the best or only marketing strategy necessary to encourage repeat bookings. 

There are other perfectly natural, caring and common sense ways to encourage your guests to return without them feeling they are being given the hard sell. Read this handy article of useful 'guest-friendly tips from VRM Intel to see if there are any actions you don't currently employ in your plans to welcome more repeat guests.


Top tip: Include a welcome gift such as a complimentary bottle of Prosecco together with a handwritten card from you to your returning guests


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Or - add some of your own suggestions for attracting guests back to your cottage in the comments section below. 

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