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October 2011 Newsletter

Updates to the website

Additional Selection Boxes: To make it even easier for visitors to the site to find the exact cottage they’re after, we will be adding a further 3 Selection Boxes on our front page to join our other 12 buttons. We’ve done this partly in response to feedback from users, and partly as a result of analysing the number of times potential bookers use them to start their searches. We will soon be adding boxes for ‘Cottages that allow smoking’ ‘Newly listed properties’ and ‘Favourite Favourites.’ The most recent 20 cottages will appear in the Newly Listed Properties, so if you own another cottage why not add it for a further £4 and it will appear in our box.

My Favourite Favourites

Still in its test phase, you may have noticed a big red button on our front page called “My Favourite Favourites Login”. To make it easy for people to bookmark and rate a property visitors to the site can create their own property portfolio. Whenever someone comes across and adds a property to their portfolio that they really like, it will get a red teapot with a number in it which appears on your listing in the search results. The more people that add your cottage to their Favourite Favourites portfolio, the bigger the number, which acts as an additional endorsement. It’s different type of search function – whereby people look for kindred spirits with similar tastes. Why not set up your own FF portfolio? Let us know what you think of it and how we can develop it. We will let you know once it’s finished!


‘Email Owner Button’

We will soon be making the ‘Email the Owner’ button which appears on every listing more prominent. Having had a look through the website we felt that this needed to be brought further up the page to make it as easy as possible for visitors to your listing to email you and (fingers crossed) make a booking.

How to appear at the top of our Search Lists

We all know that the nearer the top of a list your property appears, the more attention it will attract. But do you know how to secure top rankings on My Favourites Holiday Cottages? It’s easy! Every time you log into and amend your listing it will be placed back at the top of the search results in which it appears. So, to make sure you stay top of the search results make sure you keep your listing up to date, it’s as easy as that. By the way you must leave 7 days between updates to get the benefit.

Featured Favourites

We still have places available on our front page ‘Featured Favourites’ section. Slots are available throughout the year for only £10 a month. Purchase 5 months you can get the 6th month for free. It’s a brilliant way to prepare for new year bookers by being on the right on our front page. Sign up now by using the ‘Featured Favourites’ button in your owner login page, or give us a ring on 0845 6805431.


If you’r listing is set to expire and you haven’t yet renewed there’s still time to take advantage of our current offer: renew now for £25 for your first cottage and £4 for each cottage thereafter and receive an extra 6 months for free. Your cottages will then appear on the website well into 2013. Our offer comes to an end on October 31st, so if you still need to renew just log into your account and click ‘Subscription Renewal’ to keep your listing live.

October Competition

We’re on the lookout for photos of your cottages in the snow. With last year’s bitter winter it was an excellent time to takes some pictures of your cottage in the winter time. The best photo submitted wins a 2 month featured favourite for any 2 months of your choice, and may get used in some further publicity we’re planning. Email your pictures to, and the competition closes November 4th.

We also came across the excellent article from Schofields Insurance on how to prevent frozen water pipes at your holiday cottage.

If you have an idea for a blog article – do send it in. We’ll credit you with a link to your site.


As always if you have any comments, questions, we’d love to hear from you. We look forward to hearing from you…