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Promote My Place Websites and ASL Certification

In response to an enquiry from My Favourite Holiday Cottages as to whether their sites would incorporate ASL certification, the company responded (very promptly) to confirm that this one of their current priorities:

*Hi Rick,

*Thanks for your email.

As per our Christmas email, we are planning to offer SSL certificates (which will allow you to have a https domain) to all customers as soon as possible. After extensive investigation and testing we have found a solution which should allow us to offer them for free, but unfortunately, we need to upgrade our servers in order to do this, so we are planning and testing for that as a priority.

At the moment, the information being sent via the PromoteMyPlace enquiry form is not submitted via SSL, as it wasn't a requirement in the past, and in fact, many websites on the internet still do not use SSL unless they're accepting very sensitive information such as credit cards.

But the new data privacy laws are changing this, so as mentioned above, it is something we're addressing as a matter of urgency.

Due to the complexity of the task, I'm afraid that I can't give a definitive completion date, but be assured it is a priority for us and we will update all customers as soon as we can.

But do come back to us if you have any further queries relating to this. Kind Regards,

Kayleigh Customer Support Administrator*