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The terrace seen through French windows in the lounge at The Little Bothy. Check Rental prices for The Little Bothy in Tenbury Wells

Cottage Seasonal Rental Prices Now Available on My Favourite Holiday Cottages

Don't Be a Priceless Holiday Cottage

We have reintroduced the option for cottage owners to include their rental price list. It's always a good day when we can introduce an improvement to the My Favourite Holiday Cottages website, especially when it is in response from a suggestion from a cottage owner or potential booker. So, step forward chief persuader Penny Thompson who deserves the credit (and we mean credit  - not blame) for its appearance. Penny, by the way, is the owner of the beautifully furnished The Little Bothy in Tenbury Wells where there is a great Mistletoe Festival that makes for a perfect winter weekend break).

Anyway... We've been surprised by the number of people who use My Favourite Holiday Cottages (My Favourites), stressing the importance of prices - even if only as a guideline. So many of you looking to book a cottage said you were reluctant to send an enquiry if you weren't sure a property was within your budget.

It certainly appears that displaying a price list puts you further ahead in the food queue that a property without.

So, we have now given property owners the option to upload prices and will encourage them to do so, as their presence benefits everybody. It takes less time than to listen to a midweek episode of The Archers to upload them. 

We've made the price table as easy as possible to upload, giving owners two choices:

1.The Summary Option:  To display seasonal price guidelines, e.g. from the 4th January  - 3rd April, prices range from £350 to £475

2. The full monty: the date range and price for each price band over the course of a year.

Armed with this information, it means that as a potential booker, you can despatch your enquiry in the knowledge that the response won't come with any price shocks. As an owner, you are less likely to receive an enquiry which is wasting your time. Good news for all parties involved!!


Online Booking Options

Quite a few properties on the site already display prices because they have their own online booking software which My Favourites allows them to display. This gives you an up to date availability calendar and prices. It also means that you can book a cottage online from its listing on My Favourites. Even better news nobody - guest or owner gets charged for using this service: No booking charges. No commission fees. All payments go straight from the booker to the owner - we don't touch a penny.

Upload your prices now. Don't wait for The Archers to start. Their are potential guests waiting!