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Treat Yourself Like Royalty at These UK Holiday Cottages

Royal Wedding News - 4

Well the Royal wedding invitations have been sent out, all 1900 of them, including friends, family, and assorted heads of state and dignitaries. There is outrage in the UK press that Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and once married to Prince Andrew, has been excluded from the arrangements. Ironic really when you consider the hounding the poor woman endured from the very same press when she was an official member of the Royal family! Our Monarchy has always been a colourful one, and all the more entertaining because of it.

Other press reports indicate that London hotels are hiking room rates and cashing in on visitors wanting to stay in London around 29 April. I guess this is a simple case of supply and demand. However canny guests can stay outside London in beautiful cottages and still receive gold-standard service. The Fodder Store in Worcester offers a fridge packed with mouth-watering local food, chocs, wine, flowers and candles, a maid and concierge service, private guided tours and a spa service on request. Updown Cottage in Dorset and Culls Cottage in Gloucester both offer a personal chef who will come to your cottage and cook a gourmet meal. The chef available to guests at Highgrove Barns in Shropshire has previously served meals to Prince Charles and Princess Diana.