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Security Deposit Refund Dilemma!

Security deposits: some people swear by them, but there is always a risk in claiming them. Can you be sure you always have a leg to stand on.  

Here's an interesting and insightful exercise from Rentivo (like us, one of the more forward thinking holiday rental sites). How would you respond to this scenario of a booking that clearly didn't go as planned. Would you refund or not. 

Choose your response and then see how everyone else has voted - together with some thoughts that might help to mitigate such circumstances arising from bookings of your own.

Click Here to View The Scenario and Decide How To Vote

Top tip: Our cleaners  take a photo of every room as they finish cleaning it. They don't have to do anything with the image, just keep it on their phone for a week or so but, if there is a complaint or damage done, we at least have an image of all our rooms taken shortly before a guest arrived.  It only takes a few seconds to take the photo, abut it saves a lot of time and anxiety if it is ever required.