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Smart Tech device sits alongside a plant pot and vase in the home. A Guide for Installing Smart Tech in Holiday Cottages

The Idiots Guide to Introducing Smart Tech to Your Holiday Cottage

Here's the thing. According to, a massive 82% of guests are more likely to complete a reservation for your holiday cottage if your listing or website display evidence of Smart Tech items in your holiday cottage. Even better news, 60% will be happy to pay more for holiday homes using Smart Technology.  What's not to like?

Well of course, it's necessary to get to grips with what Smart Tech items you can install in your property (start with ones that will encourage better energy efficiency to keep those bills down). And then of course, your guests will need to know how to use it...

So, read this handy guide from which covers all you need to know about installing and managing Smart Technology in the home as well as ways to ensure your guests can use them properly. It's not simply a list of smart items but a very good plan for managing your inventory without it causing you problems once in place.

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