Having a pool at your holiday cottage is definitely part of its attraction. You want to have fun in it. You also want to be sure that it meets your particular needs, as well as being clean, safe and healthy.

So, before you book purely on the basis of its existence, you should do a little more research to ensure that it meets your expectations. Nobody wants to be disappointed because they omitted to check some essential information before they confirmed a booking.

Here are twenty-three questions you should ask the owner or manager of a property with a swimming pool. They shouldn’t have any difficulty in answering them!

You don’t necessarily need to ask all of them, but you’re advised to go through them all and ask those that might be deal-breakers or to check your assumptions.

Pool and Jacuzzi at Water Serenade in Worcestershire

1.     Is the use of the pool included in the price?

2.     How large is the pool?

3.     What kind of swimming pool is it?

        * Heated indoor pool

        * Unheated indoor pool

        * Heated outdoor pool

        * Unheated outdoor pool

Large Communal Pool at Fairways East near South Molton in Devon

4.     If it is an indoor pool, how is access by unaccompanied children prevented?

5.     If it is an outdoor pool,

        * is it securely fenced off to prevent access by unaccompanied children?

        * Is the pool in a secluded location? Do other properties overlook it?

The Indoor Pool at Tudor End  Near Banbury in Oxfordshire

6.     Is the use of the pool on an exclusive or communal basis?

7.     If it is a communal pool:

        * How many other properties also have access to the pool?

        * Are there set opening and closing hours?

        *  Is there a lifeguard in attendance?

8.     Are there any opening/closing times during the week when the pool is not available?

9.     Is the pool open all year round or for a limited period in the summer?

A Beautifully Presented Pool at The Treehouse near Taunton in Somerset

10.  Is it closed at set times for cleaning?

11.  Is the pool scheduled to be closed for any reason during our stay?

12.  If the pool is heated, at what temperature is the water maintained?

13.  What are the depths in the deep and shallow ends

14.  What kind of steps are there?

        * Ladder

        * Roman steps

Glendoe at Fort Augustus, Inverness-shire

15.  How is the water in the pool kept clean?

·       Chlorine filtration?

·       Salt-water filtration?

·       Pool net to skim off leaves?

16.  Do we need to bring our own pools towels or are these included or available to rent?

17.  Is there external and underwater lighting allowing us to use the pool at night?

18.  Will there be any pool toys available for us to use (flotation rings, airbeds etc.)?


19.  Are there any poolside sunbeds, loungers, chairs and tables?

20.  What facilities are there on the pool terrace:

21.  Is there an external shower by the pool?

22.  Is there a poolside changing room?

23.  Sounds great. Can I book?

OK. I made that last question up, although it’s its one I hope you'll feel confident asking when the time is right.

Having this information before you book will ensure that you shouldn’t arrive and be disappointed because some of your assumptions failed to meet your expectations.

Have a lovely holiday. I hope it goes swimmingly.