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a garden path lined by mature shrubs and trees leads to a cottage with a large first-floor ironwork balcony.

Payment Due

If you are happy that your advert or adverts are now ready to appear on the site, here's what you need to do next.


Pay your subscription

If you advertise one property, the fee is £125 for twelve months.

There are generous discounts for advertising two or more properties (see below).

Once your advert has been activated, you will NOT be asked to pay any other charges of commission fees to you or your guests using this site to book your property. Our support service is also free to all advertisers - contact us for assistance.

If you would like us to create your advert for you, using original content, we can do this for £30 per property. Please email us to request this service, telling us the number of properties and the website address.


Uploading 2 or more properties?

Scroll down to see the discounted rates for advertising two or more properties.


Once your payment has been received we will review and proof your advert prior to activating it. We'll also forward any suggestions as to ways you can enhance its appeal (there are no charges for these). 


Payment options: PayPal / Bank Transfer (BACS)

1. PayPal: Click the PayPal button below to pay.

2. Bank Transfer:

  • Account name: My Favourite Holiday Cottages
  • Sort code: 09-01-29
  • Account: 22896885

If paying by Bank Transfer, please email us at to tell us when you have paid. 


No. of properties   Discount   Total                Saving

2                            10%           £225.00          £25.00

3                            15%           £318.75          £56.25

4                            20%           £400.00          £100.00

5                            25%           £468.75          £156.25

6                            30%           £525.00          £225.00

7                            35%           £568.75          £306.25

8                            40%           £600.00          £400.00

9                            45%           £618.75          £506.25

10                          50%           £625.00          £625.00

Thereafter:             50%


We will send you a reminder when your subscription is due for renewal.


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