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Holiday Cottage Upgrades for Future Guests

Remember the days when going on a self-catering holiday mean taking a fat cash bag of silver to feed the electricity meter? Then things changed. Once upon a time, it was 'electricity inclusive', then washing machines, to be followed by dishwashers, DVDs, Wi-Fi and lately Smart TVs (forget boasting about 'flat-screen DTVs with Freeview'; they are a given). These are all facilities and inventory items that have shifted pretty quickly from being rare luxuries to standard items on a holiday cottage inventory list. Nobody will thank you for providing them but they will drop a star or two from their review of your cottage if they are missing.

So what's next? What are the facilities and equipment that are considered premium luxuries in a holiday cottage today, but within the next few years will be taken for granted? To keep your holiday cottage ahead of the game, (or work out how much money you will need to set aside), view this article from Vacation Cluster that considers what future guests will soon be expecting to find in your holiday home. A hint: it's not all new technology - some of them require little more than a set of overall and a pot pf paint!

Which predictions do you think will prove to be true and what, in your opinion is missing? Feel free to add your comments. Common sense upgrades that may have been forgotten in the race to install more technology are especially welcome!



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