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The Holiday Homefront March 2018

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This month's news


### A Website Branding Checklist for Vacation Rental Professionals If you are planning to create a new website, or not too sure if your existing one is doing all it could to get seen by more or the right people, then here's a handy checklist to use. Courtesy:

### The Monetary Benefits of Becoming a Dog-Friendly Holiday Cottage There's gold in them thar paws… When and why you should consider becoming a dog-friendly holiday cottage. Courtesy:

Promote My Place - ASL Certification In response to a request or two (to say the least) from MFHC Subscribers, worried that their websites, built using Promote My Place software did not confirm with the new ASL security certification, we approached the company and received an encouraging response. Essentially, they are not there yet, but soon will be. To read the letter go to: Promote My Place ASL Certification News

Guest News ### 7 Important Steps for Responding to a Negative Review There are effective ways to respond to these kinds of reviews for your vacation rental and convert them into positive opportunities in a professional way. These are the 7 most important steps that will guide you how to respond to a negative review of your vacation rental. Courtesy: Vacation Cluster

[### How to Handle Fake Reviews](](utm_source=hs_email&utm_medium=email&utm_content=60835716&_hsenc=p2ANqtz--7DB98LqVgJoby0g-Wiu8RR1wxV9ClTYHgRMl-srE2tG2Rvh5tHBGrz4kyuhyLMqHPzWFHsUP6fo4NhYXGcWspK4KtmK40-_qtO2I8sORsCMNz1yc&_hsmi=60835716) From fake news to fake reviews - such things are sadly a current fact of life. Should you ever become a victim of this practice, put down that hammer and read this article from Moz -for help in finding a remedy. Moz. For the uninitiated, is a great piece of software for those who like to monitor their site traffic, page rankings, website issues that need fixing or link building. Courtesy:

### 13 Reasons Why Travellers Prefer to Stay in Vacation Rentals The phrase 'common sense' comes to mind when trawling through this list - but think again: if you agree with them - how many do you use to form the basis of the way you marketing your holiday property? Maybe rewrite some website content this weekend to ensure potential guests appreciate how your home-from-home cottage fulfils these very needs! Courtesy:

### 7 Great Ways for Vacation Rental Owners to Turn One-Time Guests into Loyal Customers

Make rental life a little easier through attracting more repeat bookings. Much of what you can do is plain common sense, but even so, it's always good to read a list that is working well for someone else. Courtesy:

### Why Vacation Rental Design Matters Great design has great benefits! The better your house, the better the photos, the more money you earn… think about a 10-15% increase in revenue and more repeat bookings. Courtesy


Property Management

### Go Green But Not with Envy The owners guide to turning your holiday cottage into an Eco holiday cottage. Friendly on the environment and appealing to the fast growing environmentally conscious market.

And Finally…

The Sounds of Summer or Christmas carols?

If you really want to show how much you care for your guests and turn appreciative ones into total fans, go the extra yard and create a seasonal playlist of Spotify list of tracks that guests can listen to at home, in the car - or in your cottage.

Just email the link to them a week or so before they are due to arrive to get them in the mood. Then whenever they hear those songs in the future - there's a reminder of their special holiday at your place right there - fuelling a desire to return.


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