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May 2014 Newsletter

Site Traffic Numbers Leap!

Success!!! After months of hard work optimising the site, Google's latest algorithim changes handed MFHC a huge rise in its rankings and we are so very close to getting our coveted Page 1 slots back again. As a result, traffic to the site has already increased by 200% and is continuing to rise. We are continuing to make further improvements in the site to ensure further improvements the site's rankings for a number of key search phrases.


Town and County Descriptions - An Offer

You can search for cottages on MFHC by town. Each town page has a description of the town and why it would be a great place to stay. We write these descriptions ourselves. They are not copied from anything we find on the Internet. Writing them is, I confess, a bit of a challenge as while we have a good geographical knowledge of the UK, we do not profess to having an intimate knowledge of every single town. 

As such, while we feel we do a pretty good job at writing town descriptions, we know that you locals can write a better one. You'll know the best cafes, beaches and places to go. So, if you think you can write a better town description than us (3-500 words will be fine), then e-mail us. If we use it, we'll extend the life of your advert by 2 months. How's that for an offer!

To read the town description, click on the 'Town Search' button in the top menu bar, then search for and select your town. If you cannot find your town listed, then we definitely need a description! Otherwise, read what we've got and contact us if you think you can improve it. Do we have a town description for your holiday cottage? If for example, your cottage is in a location for which no link appears in the Town Search, then we'll be in need of a link. By all means e-mail us to point this out, and feel free to offer to come up with a description. That way it'll get written faster and your cottage will enjoy the additional promotion.


Reviews Get Read!

I've banged on before about the fact that you and your guests can upload their favourite reviews of your cottage. And I'll keep banging on about it as it has two benefits. Firstly, and forgive the jargon, but 'user generated content' where visitors and contribute to the site, is much liked by search engines. This means that reviews uploaded by you or your guests to your page will enhance its search engine rankings and earn it more visits. 

Secondly, we have also noticed that cottages with healthy up to date reviews also enjoy more click throughs from your MFHC page to your website. We only allow people to say their favourite things about your cottage - so no negative stuff will be published! It only takes a few moments to upload a review. You can do it from your listing page. We moderate it to ensure it is positive (we'll contact you if we have any concerns) and then activate it.

Please be sure to make any review attributable to a guest who has stayed and include the year/month so future bookers will see it is relevant. All we ask is that you don't upload reviews already published on your own website. This creates duplicate content. Search engines don't like this and could end up penalising both sites.


Top Tips: Lay My Hat

Our top tip this month is to point you in the direction of a Holiday Property Owners forum which many of you will probably know. However, for those who don't, may we recommend the very next thing you do after reading this Newsletter is to visit the Lay My Hat website. Billed as 'The Rental Owners Guide for More Bookings' it is full of advice, feedback, questions and answered all placed and addressed by holiday property owners. There's oodles of sensible information and advice on this site. Ask for some help and there it will be seen by thousands of cottage and villa owners, many of whom will be only to happy to share relevant experiences. So, even if you're an old hand at letting holiday properties, I promise you, you'll learn something from this site. Here's the link: Lay My Hat


That's All Folks!

Thank you m'dears, as they say here in Devon. That's it for this month. It's back to helping you fill those last few remaining weeks in June and July (don't forget to use the free Late Availabilty option on My Favourites if you've got a discount to promote) and, while you're at it, add a Review or two. I hope you'll have found something in reading this that will help you in marketing your cottage. Do send us any feedback - it will all help to make our monthly newsletter even more relevant. Whether it's topics you'd like us to include in our blog, or more suggestions for improving the site, everything you say will be welcomed - and read!


Thanks to Updown Cottage

1st June 2014: A big thanks to Updown Cottage for your additions to the description of Shaftesbury. Much appreciated Your Featured Favourite listing will be posted shortly!