On the River Wensum lies the city of Norwich in the beautiful county of Norfolk. You will never run out of things to see and do in Norwich, which is what makes it such a wonderful spot for families with children of all ages, and for friends. Shoppers will be delighted to hear of Norwich Lanes, with its long streets and allies filled with captivating, indepedent shops, cafes and restaurants. The Norwich Lanes are also home to many museums and theatres, such as the 250-year old Theatre Royal, sure to make for a fine and sophisticated night out. So iconic is Norwich Lanes that it has even won the 2014 Great British Street Award. Alternatively, for another rare shopping experience, there is the underground ’Castle Mall’, which has a public park on top, perfect for relaxing your feet in the grass after a day of browsing.

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Norwich is an ancient market place, and has always had very close ties with the arts and literature scene, which granted the city the 2012 UNESCO City of Literature award. To discover more about Norwich in a hands-on way, go on the ’Curious About Norwich’ trail with the kids, where stories and sights unfold as you go along the stunning scenery. For yet another experience that is unique to the city of Norwich, be sure to come in time for the annual Norwich Festival, again showcasing the city’s talents and heritage in a cheery, celebratory atmosphere. For a taste of Norwich ales, visit the friendly Birdcage pub, or go to one of the largest outdoor markets in England, Norwich Market, and let yourself be tempted by a wine stall. For an exciting day out, visit Norwich Castle, where the kids can play around in the dungeons, and the grown-ups can browse the galleries and exhibitions.