Alongside the River Coln lies the beautiful Cotswold village of Bibury, frequently described as "one of the most beautiful villages in England." Its archetypal ‘Shire-like’ quality attracts thousands of people every year to view the honey coloured houses and displays of blooming lavender and roses. Nowadays, many such Cotswold Cottages are now available on a self catering basis all year round.

Follow the river up Arlington Row which holds the history and heritage of Bibury as you wander past these old weavers cottages, home for the workers at Bibury's Arlington Mill. Each one has red roofs and a front of wonderful flowers. The Arlington Mill now houses a museum, illustrating the history of the Cotswolds and a collection of William Morris 'Arts and Crafts' memorabilia.

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Bibury is a wonderful base for exploring the Cotswolds, and is popular for a plethora of reasons that will become only too apparent when you visit! Just down the road is the city of Cirencester, a popular market town which blooms every Monday and Friday with fabulous farmers’ markets, selling all the local produce from the around the area. Visit the ostentatious church and have a stroll around Cirencester Park – a lovely example of a forest garden.