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The Homefront. News for Holiday Cottage Owners: August 2018

News From The Homefront for Holiday Cottage Owners: August 2018


Well, it's the height of summer as I write and what a glorious summer it is proving to be. Let's hope that the sun will linger long into a golden autumn. Links to seven useful articles are set out below, but for owners with a property listed on My Favourite Holiday Cottages, please note these updates:

1. Add your prices: Don't forget that you can now add your property prices to your listing. These can be indicative or exact prices. Being able to see your prices means that bookers will feel confident about submitting an enquiry when they can see that they can afford the dates they have in mind.

2. SuperControl Users: We have better-integrated the site with SuperControl so that, when you add the link to your booking calendar, your prices will automatically appear. If you use SuperControl (an excellent piece of online booking software) and haven't added it to your listings, then email me for assistance.

3. Add Your Location: If any of these recently added descriptions apply to your property, please log in to check that you have selected the relevant box. This will ensure that your property will appear on that search page. The more you can tick - the more people will find your cottage.


  • South West Coast Path Cottages (for properties within 5 miles of the coast path)
  • Lincolnshire Wolds
  • West Country Cottages
  • Llyn Peninsula Cottages
  • The Quantock Hills
  • North Cornwall
  • Wye Valley
  • The Malvern Hills


  • Eco Cottages
  • Waterside Cottages
  • Hot Tub Cottages

For further information, click here


Click on the link of any Headline which might be of interest to you. This will open a summary description with a link to open the complete article.

  1. How to Manage Guest Injuries in Your Holiday Cottages
  2. Five Ways to Increase Your Low Season Bookings
  3. Five Ways to Increase your Shoulder Season Bookings
  4. How to Write the perfect Description For Your Holiday Cottage
  5. Guest/House Rules for Holiday Cottages
  6. Holiday Cottage Advertising: A Cautionary Tale!
  7. Inexpensive Ways to Give Your Holiday Cottage a Luxury Feel

Please note that there is an option to add your own comments and suggestions to each article. These are moderated to ensure they are relevant!

Well, that's a wrap for August. May the sunshine be upon you and I'll see you in September.

Rick Bond

My Favourite Holiday Cottages