Lying peacefully at the edge of Dartmoor, the sleepy town of Tavistock can be found. In the west of the beautiful county of Devon, this lovely little town holds more than meets the eye. It is jam-packed with enough culture and activities to ensure your holiday cottage activities never runs out; the cinema and theatre, 'The Wharf' is situated on ‘The Meadows’, which the name alone suggests a tranquil and enjoyable time.

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Tavistock sports a traditional Pannier Market where the main attraction (the market!) is hosted on Friday, but throughout the week specialised events are held such as craft and antique fairs.

The town is located on the very cusp of Dartmoor, renowned for its rolling greenery and fantastic wildlife surrounding you whichever corner or cranny you find yourself in; and it’s all simply a few steps outside your front door.

Tavistock hosts its own amusements, including its very own traditional shopping based on the food and farmers’ markets which takes place fortnightly on the square, which have been voted the best in England. There surely is a real sense of community in the tiny town of Tavistock and once you’re involved, exploring from your self-catered holiday cottage in Devon, you’re sure to have got the bug and come back for more.