A civil parish situated on the coast of the Isle of Wight, Ventnor is a place that is both gorgeous and truly unique. Sheltered by the chalk downs of the magnificent St. Boniface Down, Ventnor has an advantage – protected by the cliffs, Ventnor sees more sunshine and warmth than its surrounding areas. This difference means that certain tropical plants can be grown in Ventnor, which the colourful Ventnor Botanical Garden boasts. Rent a cosy holiday cottage in Ventnor with your loved one or a group of friends and enjoy all that this magical place has to offer. Admire the waterfall at the Cascade Gardens, and walk its full length from the town to the beach. Once there, you can go for a refreshing dip or go bathing, always surrounded by natural views. Back in town, there are many charming independent shops – spend an afternoon digging through antiques and finding souvenirs.

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Book an Isle of Wight holiday cottage with superb sea views at Landward, a beautifully renovated ex-Lighthouse keeper's cottage at St Margaret's Lighthouse. This attractive cliff-top rural holiday cottage near Ventnor, a few minutes-walk from the beach, sleeps 4. Pets welcome.

This detached luxury holiday cottage in Ventnor lies in the south of the Isle of Wight a short stroll from the beach at \Steephill Cove. The beach at Steephill Cove is a short stroll away and Ventnor Botanical Gardens are just a two minute walk.

Penda is a beautifully restored ex-lighthouse keeper's cottage at St Catherine's Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight. Its rural cliff top location with superb sea views makes it a most appealing Ventnor holiday cottage. Sleeps 2-5. Pets welcome.

Fancy a lighthouse holiday? Book Gunard, a Ventnor holiday cottage, part of St Catherine's Lighthouse on the Isle of Wight. With superb sea views, this pet-friendly waterside cottage sleeps 5 in a secluded rural location.

Once a small fishing settlement, Ventnor soon grew into a Victorian seaside resort, seeing flocks of people come for the good air and water – even Charles Dickens lived in Ventnor for a spell! The elegant Ventnor Towers Hotel still stands from that era, nestled between luscious greenery. Ventnor Park also offers plenty of thriving wildlife, ideal for a sunny afternoon’s stroll with your partner. Visit one of many welcoming pubs, such as The Spyglass Inn, just a few minutes’ walk from the seafront. Keep your eyes peeled for locally-brewed beverages, as the ales made at the Ventnor Brewery use the water from the St. Boniface Well. A yearly Fringe Festival takes place in Ventnor, filled with creative acts and entertainment for all ages. Alternatively, there is a traditional carnival each year in August, giving you a true taste of Ventnor life. Ventnor has remained a Cornish gem and seaside resort over a century after its establishment as one, and promises to this day to leave all visitors with smiling faces.