In the centre of Exmoor National Park, and situated along the River Exe with beautiful riverside walks, is the gorgeously green village Exford. Hearty restaurants, traditional pubs and charming shops line the village streets, absolutely perfect for a romantic weekend escape to nature, or for a walking or fishing holiday. The village centre itself has all the necessities, making a rented holiday cottage in Exford the ideal choice for all. Visit the highly rated, locally renowned Exmoor White Horse Inn for a candle-lit dinner with your loved one, and also to taste the wide range of local brew. A short drive away is the village of Simonsbath, where Simonsbath Festival is held between May and June each year, will appeal to classical music lovers and is one of the many events and festivals that take place on Exmoor throughout the year.

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Exmoor National Park surrounds Heather Cottage, providing visitors with tranquillity and a variety of outdoor activities. This waterside Exmoor holiday cottage at Riscombe Farm near Exford boasts modern comforts and traditional features with an open fire and a garden with a view of the River Exe.

Fern Cottage in Exford is a charming, single-storey Exmoor holiday home at Riscombe Farm near Exford. The modern rural cottage boasts a beautiful waterside garden next to the River Exe and a contemporary interior. Perfect for walking holidays on Exmoor.

Bracken Cottage is a charming Exmoor Holiday cottage boasting exposed timber beams within the Exmoor National Park near Exford. The pet-friendly cottage is surrounded by woodland and features an upside-down design, modern comforts and a delightful garden with views of the River Exe.

Gorse Cottage is a delightful Exmoor holiday cottage nestled in the centre of the National Park. The waterside stone cottage by the River Exe boasts modern comforts and space for pets in its charming garden. The wonders of Exmoor and coast are within easy reach of this peaceful rural retreat.

The history of Exmoor is fascinating, stretching back to the Mesolithic era. Look with a keen eye across the land and you will see the way it archives its history; historical monuments remain untouched, and many more are believed to be undiscovered, making Exmoor the perfect place for any budding archaeologists. To explore more for yourself, you can visit old iron age fort, Cow Castle, a short walk from the village centre. To learn more about the wildlife of Exford, you can spend a day at the Exmoor Owl and Hawk Centre, sure to be a real treat for the kids as they see these magnificent birds up close. Exmoor Falconry and Animal Park provides the same, including a lovely tea room, and any who love horse riding will be thrilled to know that the Animal Park offers that, too.

The Coleridge Bridle Way is another perfect area for horse riding, connecting the beautiful Quantock Hills to Exmoor, meaning you can ride along and take in the views from horseback. If walking is what you prefer, the Exe Valley way takes you along the river Exe – but be aware, it’s fifty miles in length! If you would rather be guided, the Exmoor Society is on hand, with seasoned walkers willing and happy to share their area’s history. For a holiday you will never forget, come to magical Exford.